TRIAGE - external corrosion narrows focus and saves money

Classification Algorithm is Founded upon a Quality Root-Cause Failure Model

Classification of pipeline risk relies on deeply considered formal root-cause model that considers all contributing factors leading to defect initiation, and corrosion growth.

TRIAGE Positions the Owner to Extend Former Time-Based Maintenance Intervals

Annual Cathodic Protection (CP) system operational audits can be extended on low-risk pipeline systems, providing cost savings.

Owner is Positioned to Schedule Work with Improved Impact to Overall Risk Reduction

TRIAGE classifies pipelines according to likelihood of failure, positioning the owner to schedule meaningful over-the-line coating surveys, and targeted in-line inspections to validate integrity of high-risk assets.

Presentation of Risk Assessment Results Communicates Focus


Field, Operations are Positioned to Schedule Future work to Maximize Risk Reduction Benefits

The notion that time-based regulatory directives that demand annual CP system performance audits has proven insufficient to prevent pipeline failures.  TRIAGE positions the owner to "appropriately schedule" CP performance audits, and to concurrently perform additional value-added maintenance on the highest risk pipelines.

TRIAGE - highlights work schedules appropriate to risk


Vulnerable Pipeline Count - by Area Name


High-Risk Pipeline Count - by Area Name


CP Performance Survey Interval - by Field Name



Likelihood of Defect Initiation

Consideration of operating environment in combination with installation practices.


Likelihood of Corrosion Defect Growth

Consideration of CP system effectiveness in combination with operating and environmental conditions.


Environmental and Performance Bias Factor

Consideration of spatial relationship in relation to spatial industry performance patterns with consideration of sibling association to historical failure events.


Likelihood of External Corrosion Addresses all Potential Root-Cause Contributing Factors

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TRIAGE identifies pipelines most probable to corrode, and offers risk-based mitigation guidance for field, operations and chemical teams.

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