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Pipeline Integrity Hazard Classification and Mitigation Guidance

Trusted Pipeline Advisor increases pipeline performance and profitability through its proven risk classification methods designed to predict and prevent pipeline failures with far greater accuracy than current industry standard methods.

Our Motivation


The goal of Trusted Pipeline Advisor is to raise awareness and build trust that our innovative and proven methods go beyond existing industry standards to help companies more accurately predict when and where corrosion will occur to not only reduce pipeline failure events, but also decrease unplanned production outages and costly repair and maintenance projects associated with preventable failure events. 

We Focus on Helping Field, Operations

Field, operations teams are our audience. They are not confident with present standards for managing pipeline integrity threats.

For the most part, field, operations teams are displeased with the assessment, and mitigation standards to which they have access; assessment methods are incomplete (they do not consider over-life corrosion threats), mitigation programs are not adequately aligned with actual threats, and mitigation programs do not respond to changes to production volumes, and production patterns. Critical pipelines are otherwise being left-out by the existing industry methods.

TPA Corporate Narrative

A brief message explaining our motivation to respond to field, operations concerns that existing industry methods for assessing, and controlling pipeline integrity hazards are under-performing, and leading to insufficient pipeline safety performance.

We highlight how we have responded by adopting complex data pattern analytics applied onto industry data sources to better characterize the exposure to corrosive environments over the entire operating lifetime of each pipeline.


David Richardson, P.Eng.

Experience & Qualifications


  • After an initial 10-year term at Shell Canada beginning in 1982, followed by assignments within service companies, consulting companies and oil and gas producing companies, David most recently was a co-founding principal engineer of QM4 Engineering (2007) Ltd. Upon the sale of QM4 (2010) David has served as a senior consultant to a small group of oil and gas clients as smart-Project Management Inc. qualified by their ability to recognize and to operationalize the outcome of the data assessment projects to achieve an industry-leading pipeline management programs; achieving measurable improvements in pipeline performance with 20 - 45% savings compared to traditional industry standard methods.
  • The recent Trusted Pipeline Advisor campaign continues to focus on the integration, and assessment of pipeline data as the basis for enhanced pipeline integrity hazard classification and for delivering value to the business model of his oil and gas operating clients through the creation and continual updating of optimized maintenance guidance for consumption by field, operations and chemical teams; achieving exquisite alignment betwen costs and actual corporate risk, while eliminating historical mis-allocation of costs onto the lowest risk assets.
  • David has participated as a member of the INGAA and NACE Technical Sub-Committee (USA) contributing to the development of standards for internal corrosion direct assessment for gas transmission and wet-gas production pipeline systems – integrating multi-phase fluid flow (PIPESIM) data an innovative enhancement to former industry standard assessment methods.
  • David is recognized globally as a technical leader and an innovator as he consistently works in a collaborative with international, multi-disciplinary teams to enhance the characterization of structural threats to pipeline structures and to re-design the standards of assessment to create mitigation, inspection and monitoring schedules with proven value to the owner companies. 
  • David combines a depth of domain knowledge with an understanding of digital technology and its transformational capabilities. His experience in oil and gas production and with gas and liquid product pipelines has created the foundation of a long entrepreneurial journey.
  • David sets high standards of excellence and integrity.  His strengths are in identifying the critical aspects of any topic, management or business challenge and producing an innovative solution. His focus is on resolving the problem and generating tangible value for his clients, or practical guidance for fellow peers. David's drive and innovative ideas consistently contribute to a positive impact on his clients, and their business performance.  


Q-ICDA applied since 1994 & underpins NACE - ICDA standard


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Our services identify pipelines most probable to corrode, and offers risk-based mitigation guidance for field, operations and chemical teams.

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