TRIAGE within AbaData

 Alberta oil and gas Field, Operations Teams are enthusiastic about the easy, and affordable availability of reliable guidance for cost-effective corrosion mitigation within the popular AbaData pipeline application!

  • TRIAGE results available for viewing; and,
  • Corrosion mitigation guidance reports quickly accessible for Field, Operations teams.

Trusted technical guidance at your fingertips within AbaData


Field, Operations Teams Enthusiastic for Obtaining Easy Access to Mitigation Guidance

  • Seamless integration of TRIAGE results within all viewing and reporting features within the popular AbaData pipeline mapping application;
  • Available to subscribers of both TRIAGE and AbaData.

TRIAGE within AbaData News Bulletin

TRIAGE within AbaData

Position field, operations with the best technical tools

A nod from Ed and Kurtis at AbaData!


"Our clients are consistently supportive when they learn about access to TRIAGE - Pipeline Risk Assessment, and Mitigation Recommendations within AbaData." 

TRIAGE within AbaData