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TRIAGE identifies pipelines most likely to exhibit corrosion

~$2,000,000 / year Direct Savings for Mid-Sized Operators


TRIAGE Hazard Classification Provides Rapid Performance and Financial Benefits

  • Complementary to existing integrity management data tools and work processes

TRIAGE - Considers Corrosion by Produced Fluids + Episodic Ingress of Fugitive Corrosive Fluids

  • NACE - ICDA methods integrated to characterize corrosion from produced gas / oil / water
  • Data pattern analytics applied onto industry data pin-points wells likely to up-lift corrosive biomass sludge during short-term production surges at start-up
  • Field, operations consider mitigation guidance to create the most effective mitigation strategy
  • Typical 20 - 45% reduction in direct chemical costs by eliminating historical misallocation of cost onto low-risk pipelines

TRIAGE - Hazard Assessment + Deployment


Rapid Acceptance, and Uptake by Field, Operations Teams

  1. TRIAGE - Integrity Hazard Classification considers corrosion by normally produced fluids to create low pH water traps, and considers how the behaviour of upstream wells may accelerate normal corrosion;
  2. Publish TRIAGE pipeline classification results, and mitigation guidelines for Field, Operations; and,
  3. Schedule workshops with Field, Operations to validate data, and to create mitigation schedules.

TRIAGE Services Optimize Pipeline Maintenance Costs

TRIAGE - Considers Normal Produced Fluids + Well Behaviour

Low pH Water Traps & Behaviour of Upstream Wells at Start-Up

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TRIAGE Results Available for Viewing for 250 Companies


View your Company TRIAGE Hazard Assessment Results for Internal and External Pipeline Corrosion, plus Mitigation Guidance for Internal Corrosion

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TRIAGE Aligns Maintenance with Risk for a 20 - 45% Savings

Our mission is to help our industry improve pipeline performance and profitability through adoption of complex data pattern analytics as the foundation of our innovative TRIAGE integrity hazard classification methods. 

TRIAGE assessment and mitigation guidance has been proven to predict and prevent pipeline corrosion failures with far greater accuracy than existing industry standard methods.

TRIAGE within Performance-Based Integrity Management

TRIAGE Integrity Hazard Classification & Mitigation Guidance


Classification of corporate pipelines according to likelihood of pre-existing corrosion damage by considering over-life operating conditions.

Publication of mitigation guidance to support field, operations teams achieve risk-based alignment of mitigation and inspection costs for a savings between 20 - 45%.

TRIAGE creates the best mitigation guidance for field, teams

Alignment of Mitigation to Actual Pipeline Condition


  • TRIAGE algorithms provide an industry-leading classification of the corrosive and fluid flow environment to assure chemical mitigation programs are always appropriate for the conditions;
  • Clients achieve cost savings (20 - 45%) compared with traditional industry standard methods.

Simple Access to Assessment and Mitigation Reports


  • Field, Operations have access to hazard assessment and mitigation guidance reports within the popular pipeline data applications, including the popular AbaData;
  • Results are likewise easily uploading into any ESRI / GIS corporate legacy pipeline information application.

Extending Intervals for CP System Surveys based upon Risk


  • TRIAGE hazard models for external corrosion position clients to perform CP system surveys appropriate to likelihood of corrosion;
  • Targeted system surveillance and inspections can be performed to achieve maximum risk reduction at a much lower cost compare prescriptive annual CP surveys.

TRIAGE - Company Page User-Experience

Company-Specific TRIAGE Assessment Video Summary


Corporate Pipeline Inventory Dashboard


Corporate 5x5 Risk Assessment Matrix - Internal Corrosion


Projected Cost Savings Attributed to Chemical Optimization


Risk Matrix - External Corrosion & Optimization of CP Surveys


TRIAGE - Download Risk Assessment & Mitigation Guidance Reports


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TRIAGE identifies pipelines most probable to corrode, and offers risk-based mitigation guidance for field, operations and chemical teams.

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