SLMS - Quality work Model

Quality Work is Key to Improving Pipeline Safety

To achieve the necessary shift in pipeline safety, regulatory bodies are encouraging / mandating adoption of Safety and Loss Management Systems (SLMS) as an assurance that risk management, and maintenance performed onto pipeline infrastructures will improve pipeline performance.


TRIAGE & Q-ICDA within a formal SLMS management model

There has evolved a mandate for pipeline owners to develop better methods for assessment of integrity threats and to implement improved failure-prevention program, and to take actions to demonstrate to stakeholders that these initiatives are working. 


Adoption of our TRIAGE pipeline classification service is consistent with regulatory objectives to maintain reliable pipeline operations, and is suitable as the foundation for a formal quality SLMS approach for managing pipeline integrity.

SLMS Implementation


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Our services identify pipelines most probable to corrode, and offers risk-based mitigation guidance for field, operations and chemical teams.

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