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Pin-pointing the most probable locations for corrosion, and offering reliable mitigation guidance to field, operations teams.

Performance-based pipeline integrity management.  TQM. Quality work management.  Pipeline risk.

Integration of Services within Performance-Based SLMS

Structured TRIAGE & Q-ICDA Projects within a Quality Integrity Management Model

TRIAGE & Q-ICDA provides the foundation for a quality Performance-Based Pipeline Integrity Management (SLMS) process by identifying pipelines most probable to exhibit corrosion based upon consideration of over-life operations.

Our deliverables position field, teams to consider their system knowledge, and operating experience to create the most cost-effective mitigation, monitoring and inspection strategies.

Integrity hazard classification & mitigation guidance


TRIAGE Subscription Service - Corporate Pipeline Failure Likelihood Classification

TRIAGE Subscription Service - Corporate Pipeline Failure Likelihood Classification

TRIAGE Subscription Service - Corporate Pipeline Failure Likelihood Classification

  • Classification of corporate pipelines according to susceptibility to corrosion damage - internal, and external hazards;
  • Publication of mitigation guidance for Field, Operations teams assures appropriate alignment of activity to the conditions, and creates cost savings.


TRIAGE - AbaData Integration (Alberta)

TRIAGE Subscription Service - Corporate Pipeline Failure Likelihood Classification

TRIAGE Subscription Service - Corporate Pipeline Failure Likelihood Classification

  • Field, Operations have access to TRIAGE assessment and guidance reports at most popular pipeline data applications, including the popular AbaData.  
  • Alternatively, TRIAGE results are easily uploaded into any GIS / ESRI in-house or retail pipeline information software application. 


Q-ICDA Engineering Projects - Corrosion Hazard Profiling

TRIAGE Subscription Service - Corporate Pipeline Failure Likelihood Classification

Q-ICDA Engineering Projects - Corrosion Hazard Profiling

  • Integration of fluid flow models to characterize potential corrosion damage along the pipeline offers and enhanced foundation for integrity management, mitigation, and inspection planning;
  • Adopted as foundation for NACE - ICDA engineering standard method (2003).


TRIAGE classifies all corporate pipelines according to the severity of integrity hazards and the likelihood of pre-existing corrosion damage for both internal and external corrosion.

Our key deliverable is the publication of mitigation guidance for consumption by field, operation teams. 

By application of our guidance, our clients can be assured there is always proper alignment between the work they perform and the actual integrity hazards to which each pipeline has been exposed.

We are a strong ally for client field, operations teams


Craig Collins, Pipeline Integrity Lead, Obsidian Energy Ltd.

"Our Field, Operations pipeline and risk management teams appreciate access to corrosion consulting and mitigation guidance within AbaData.  They quickly qualify, and integrate the work to reduce the potential for leaks at much lower cost compared with traditional methods".


Hank Spence, Vice-President Operations, Bonavista Energy Corporation

"David has positioned our company to optimize our pipeline operations for nearly 10 years, including our operating and suspended pipelines.  These efforts have greatly minimized pipeline failures resulting in large capital and operating cost savings.  

Our employees have enjoyed working with David because he actually teaches them different ways to make their jobs, and their lives easier".


Dan Sarnecki, Sr. Pipeline Compliance Consultant

"I support this work to my Clients because it gets the job done.  It stops pipeline leaks, and saves money".


Jeff Myers - Asset Integrity Engineer, Whitecap Resources Ltd.

"The TRIAGE pipeline assessment offers the best results compared to all other available risk management consulting services, and it is easily accessible. "

AbaData pipeline data.  Abacus Datagraphics Ltd.  Pipeline risk assessment data.

Shane Tiessen, Pipeline Integrity Lead, AlphaBow Energy Ltd.

  • "A TRIAGE pipeline risk management subscription offers our field, operations more value than our existing retail software or consulting service, at less than half of our present cost".

NACE - ICDA corrosion hazard assessment.  Pipeline risk assessment.  Corrosion hazard profiline

Mike Morrow - Pipeline Integrity Coordinator, Andeavor Logistics (Denver, CO)

  • "I did make a presentation to the Field, Operations leadership pipeline risk management team, and the work was well received;
  • The consensus is that the Q-ICDA consulting analysis was very thorough and well done, and it will be a useful tool for us to prioritize our focus, and future mitigation work".

TRIAGE subscription under $7,500 / month for most companies

Pipeline risk assessment.  Internal corrosion pipeline.  External corrosion pipeline.  Risk

Innovation Positions Industry for Success, at Lower Cost

  • Top-of-mind for field, operations leaders is a lack of confidence with present standards for managing pipeline integrity threats. 
  • TRIAGE provides guidance to increase pipeline performance and profitability through proven risk classification methods designed to predict and prevent pipeline failures with far greater accuracy than current industry standard methods.


TRIAGE within a Quality Management Model

As a complement to existing pipeline teams, TRIAGE position Clients to;

  1. pinpoint critical pipelines that are otherwise being overlooked;
  2. apply proper maintenance to critical pipelines, and eliminate misallocation of cost to low-risk pipelines;
  3. trigger an alert, and respond appropriately when a new critical pipelines arise; and,
  4. conduct targeted inspections to affirm effectiveness of controls.

Q-ICDA within NACE - ICDA - Step 2 - Indirect Inspection


Corrosion Rate & Corrosion Pitting Profile

Consideration of normal fluids during steady-state operation, with consideration of upset conditions and non-conforming operations.


Establish Metal Loss Profile over Operating Lifetime

Consider corrosion rates and mitigation effectiveness for a range of eras (operating periods) to construct a metal-loss profile along the pipeline.

Routine Pigging to Reduce Hazards

Cost-Effective Chemical Inhibition

Cost-Effective Chemical Inhibition


  • TRIAGE pipeline risk assessment models recognize historical pigging by Field, Operations as beneficial to the avoidance of corrosion damage within stagnant water traps.  Likewise, pigging with a filming batch inhibitor has proven effective at stopping growth of pre-existing damage.

Cost-Effective Chemical Inhibition

Cost-Effective Chemical Inhibition

Cost-Effective Chemical Inhibition


  • TIRAGE + Q-ICDA provides industry-leading characterization of the corrosive and fluid flow environment to assure chemical mitigation programs are always appropriate for the conditions;
  • Clients achieve cost savings (40%) compared with traditional industry standards.

Simple Access to Reporting

Cost-Effective Chemical Inhibition

Responsive Management-of-Change


  • Field, Operations have access to assessment and guidance reports at most popular pipeline data applications, including the popular AbaData (Alberta); 
  • Results are likewise easily uploading into any corporate legacy ESRI / PODS / GIS pipeline information application.

Responsive Management-of-Change

Risk-Based CP System Surveillance

Responsive Management-of-Change


  • Field, Operations gain a strong awareness of their role at assuring reliable pipeline performance;
  • Reliance on condition-based triggers for critical mitigation replaces expensive, and under-performing "rule-of-thumb" time-based maintenance schedules.

Lowest-Cost Integrity Validation

Risk-Based CP System Surveillance

Risk-Based CP System Surveillance


  • Q-ICDA pipeline risk management consulting provides pin-point justification for effective, targeted direct examinations to validate integrity at highest risk locations;
  • The client can maximize the benefits of inspection budgets, and provide validation of network-wide hazard assessment and mitigation strategies.

Risk-Based CP System Surveillance

Risk-Based CP System Surveillance

Risk-Based CP System Surveillance


  • TRIAGE hazard models for pipeline external corrosion position or consulting clients to perform CP system surveys appropriately -schedule based upon actual likelihood of corrosion and maximum risk management benefits;
  • Targeted system surveillance and inspections can be performed to achieve maximum risk reduction at a much lower cost compared to traditional time-based (annual) scheduling.

Trusted Pipeline Advisor - Corporate Narrative

  • A story of a career dedicated to improving pipeline safety;
  • A story of an industry transitioning from a compliance focus to a performance-based integrity management model; and,
  • A story about satisfying the appetite for more advanced pipeline integrity hazard classification algorithms proven to deliver improved performance and safety.

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TRIAGE and Q-ICDA identify pipelines most probable to corrode, and offers risk-aligned mitigation guidance for field, operations and chemical teams.

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